Bahar Demirci and Ateş German of Yetekema Hiwot

Enjoy these photos from Yetekema Hiwot series central characters Bahar Demirci and Ateş German


Ateş German (played by Keremcem) is a successful lawyer. Mehmet Emir Atahan’s right arm has become one of the important names in the business world. His parents died when she was younger. He saw the mark on the arm of the man who killed his mother and found him 20 years later. He has unlocked all the secrets hidden behind the death of his mother and father. Ateş, before meeting with Bahar, was married to a girl named Arzu in Switzerland. Ateş and Arzu, after living together for a while, quarreled. Then Ateş returned to Turkey; but as soon as Ateşe goes, Arzu is pregnant. Five years later, Arzu and his son Doruk, 5 years old, went to Turkey to find Ates and found him. As soon as he sees the boy, he can not live without him anymore.