Yetekema Hiwot 195 review

In this episode, Salih is coming to the house and threatening everyone leaves Nuran and his family in the middle of an unbearable situation. Ateş and Mehmet Emir unite against their common enemy, Saleh. The fire does not leave Mehmet Emir, who has not been able to digest the absence of Hasret and decided to go to Mersin, on this journey. However, Salih’s breath is at his best. When he is under treatment to eradicate the traces of the crisis he has experienced, Efsun, who knows his absence, is also determined to become the new lady of the estate and to end the tension between Ismail. But it is unaware that this situation will bring him back again with Bahar. In the meantime, a mystery from the past will rekindle Fire’s ambition of revenge. It is now time for Edibe Atahan to confront justice.

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