Yetekema Hiwot 194 – preview and video highlights

In this episode, Zeynep is shocked by the second hit from Volkan when she does not know what to do. This will push Arda and Efsun into unexpected events, and Efsun will once again find herself in an adventure to save Arda! This time either everything will come to an end or the couple will be separated forever. Meanwhile, Homicide Bureau detective Amiri Omar Aziz begins to look Efsun’s old files. All the secrets, supposedly covered up, are about to be revealed again by Omar. Seeing how Omer is an aggressive detective, Efsun understands the dimensions of the danger she is facing. For Efsun, there is nothing left that Arda can gain from the relationship and the baby in her womb. Efsun and Bahar are living together with the joy of waiting for the child. Tayfun’s reaction, however, spoils the happiness of Bahar.

Meanwhile, Yusuf consciously decides to take Bahar to his father Mehmet Emir. Bahar is finally reaching ‘real life’ in shanty towns of Istanbul. He’s the only one who can not even dream of wealth. He will be sitting in the kiosks, going on yachts, attending best schools. In short, the glittering life will be the owner of that dazzling life. But fate does not allow it, everything is in reverse. Now, not just Bahar, but the ‘life’ of anybody will not be like the old one. We don’t want to give more than this. Watch the full episode. Until then, enjoy the video preview below: