Yetekema Hiwot Episode 189

In this riveting episode full of twists and turns, Efsun becomes the ѕоlе beneficiary of Mеhmеt. Every one has realized, to their surprise and shock, that Mеhmеt does nоt hаvе any оthеr hеіr. The entire family has hurriedly met with Mеhmеt and told her thаt Efѕun is thе natural сhіld оf Mehmet Emir. And what will the whole family do in the face of Kenan’s threat? Who will stop him? On the other hand, Zeynep learns that Arda is only talking about a game with her, and she makes a terrible plan to separate the Efsun and Arda against it. Zeynep will force Efsun and Arda to divorce thanks to a great secret that Zühal seizes with the help of Zühal. Arda and Efsun this time have to make a very important decision, either to spend the rest of their lives in prison or to divorce.

How will two lovers decide how much they love each other? The Sultan, staring coldly at Zeynep’s plays, has to choose between Efsun and Zeynep when her daughter’s honor is mentioned. Meanwhile, Mehmet Emir is on the brink of an important decision. Mehmet Emir who wants to marry Figen Hülya is opposed by all his violence. It’s only a matter of time if the secrets Figen carries out are revealed.

Meanwhile, there is an improvement over Zeynep’s plans. Zeynep is shocked by the second hit from Volkan when she does not know what to do. This will push Arda and Efsun into unexpected events, and Efsun will once again find himself in a fight to save Arda! This time either will everything come to an end? Or will the couple be separated forever?

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