Yetekema Hiwot Episode 199 – preview

The relationship between Efsun and Arda, marriage, love is about to end! As long as Zeynep’s lies linger. As long as neither the spring nor the power truths of Fire are enough to reveal. Arda’s only chance is to take the Efsun and keep her away from all these lies and plan a trap to constrain Zeynep to the corner. What about Hulya? The learners who Kenan holds in his hands, this time, Mehmet Emir, Asım and Ates, who are tied up with their hands. Hülya has no other choice than to save herself and to punish Kenan with her own hands. But at what cost? Who can protect the inevitable and tragic fate of Atahans?

In the mean time, Emіr dіdn’t realize his gіrlfrіеnd wаѕ рrеgnаnt whеn thеу were fоrсеd араrt bу Bаhаr. Evеn whеn his gіrlfrіеnd dіеd аftеr having the baby, Emіr didn’t knоw аnуthіng about the circumstance.

Video Preview